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July 25, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I AM calling.  Let us walk, into this day.  Look around, and see The Glory, that is with us, today.  Come.  Let us walk, and sit, and talk.  The Glory of God is with us, today.         



      “Rest.  As you grow weary, rest.  And then, when you rise-up, feeling rejuvenated, and renewed, remember what I say to you, today.  Even though the road be long, ahead of you, even though the road takes you up the mountain, and down into the valleys, and wind around rivers and streams, there is no need to hurry.  You can take your journey, upon the Earth, at a leisurely pace.  Do not let others push you, or prod you, to have you moving, as if it is a race, of some type.  It is not.  Slow down, so that you will not grow weary, and absorb every experience available to you, along The Way.  Sit, and rest, and watch the turtle.  Sit, and rest, and watch the bees.  Sit, and rest, and recall your story.  Do not hurry.  Celebrate, The Glory of God, as you walk along The Way, as you make your mark, as you take your Earth journey.

      “There seems to be the thought, amongst those living on Earth today, that you can do multiple things, at the same time, and you can keep moving forward, and pressing forward, and you can keep all these balls, in the air, juggling them.  But there will come a day, when you are so enthralled in the balls, that you have in the air, that you do not notice the obstacle at your feet.  And when you tumble, and fall, the balls crash down upon you.  And often, it is all you can do, to get back up.  Do not let the chores of the day distract you from The Glory of God, all around you.  Do one thing at a time, so you can bless it, so you can nurture it, so that when that creation comes from you, it is a fitting gift to The Creator of All Things, because you are a co-creator with God.  So, do not diminish, what you are creating, by creating five or six different things, at the same time, because, they will be creations, but they will not be compleat.  Focus on what you are doing, at the time, and move along the path, unhurried, and you will be less worried; and you will not grow weary, doing one thing at a time.

      “Focus on the journey that is yours.  It is a blessing.  It is a gift.  Do not diminish it by ignoring it.  Take the time, to look around, and see the beauty, that is The Glory of God, with you, right now, today.”