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July 26, 2019

      As you live upon the Earth certain habits become your own.  Through repetition you know that, when you walk into a certain room, and reach-out to flip a switch, the room will be filled with light, and you can see.  In your vehicle, you have an indicator, which tells you when you need fuel.  If you pay attention to that gauge you will not run out of gas, and your vehicle will get you where you need to go.  There is a device for your vehicle, which you can program in such a way, that will tell you when to turn, when to change course, so that you might arrive at your destination with very little concern.  You can listen to a weather forecast and know you should take an umbrella or raincoat to stay dry.  You can look over at a clock and know what time it is.  You can read a thermometer and know if you or your child has a temperature and need rest.  Many things you do during the day are out of habit, repetition.  You have done these things so many times you do not think about it.  But, they each bring you light, information, or show you the way.  These material examples can be reflections of how it occurs in the spiritual realm as well.

                                                              And The Holy Spirit says:

      Through repetition, through practice which makes it seem natural to wake-up and say, “Good morning, God,” you begin to hear the answer, or you feel the answer to your personal greeting, you have made contact with Heaven.  Through practice you have the ability to reach through the dimensions into The Dimension of Perfection, and have communication, receive direction, know The Way.  The device you use in your car, so that you might arrive at the proper location, shows you the way; but, My presence within you will show you The Way every day, every night.  Let the guidance of Spirit come to you, flow to you naturally, constantly, comforting and supporting you.  Let it come easily, because you have practiced, because it has become a habit, something you repeat throughout your day.  You have a spiritual compass, when accessed, when used, it will never lead you astray.