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July 26, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I bring you words of encouragement.  I reach-out to touch you, so that you might feel My presence with you.  And each time you pause, and still yourself, you draw closer, and closer, to feeling My presence, because nothing else is moving around you.  Be still, so that you might know Me better.  Put down your books.  Turn off the television.  Turn off any device that might ring, and disturb you, and hear Me.                                     


      “There is so much the individual can do to make the world a better place.  But somehow, there has come into thought that it is necessary to create organizations that can reach many.  And there are organizations, which can reach many, who are in need.  But today, I want to address what you, an individual, seeking to help, might do; and know, while you are doing it, that: you are the hands of God, the feet of God; the words you speak are the words of God.  These things will be a gift to God, from you, so be thoughtful in what you choose to do.

       “It is important to do something, on a personal level, because, even though the organizations, that reach many, are doing good works, there is the temptation there to believe that they will resolve all the issues, and take care of all the problems.  I would like you to consider the issues, and the problems, closer to your front door, possibly even behind your front door, within your family.  Look around, and you will see the face of someone who needs, and longs for, kindness, and compassion.  If it is within your own family, let it begin with a smile, a tender word, and a kind touch.  If it is on your street, let it be a wave of the hand, and an open smile, and possibly an invitation to come, and sit on your front porch for a while, and talk.  Look around at what is close to you, and you will find so much to do. 

      “If you see a need, take care of that need, quietly.  If someone is in need of food, take them food, quietly.  It is not necessary to call them, and ask, if there is a need for food.  If you feel there is a need for food, take care of that need.  And the same goes with clothing.  Be observant to what is said around you, what is happening around you.  It does not require that you knock on the door, and announce your presence, with arms filled with gifts.  Quietly, make the delivery, and move on.

      “There are individuals, locked in isolation, behind bars.  Go visit them.  You do not have to say who you are.  Go visit.  Find out what you are allowed to take, into these jails, and take it, take books; because, every time you stretch yourself to do a deed of kindness, you are the hands of God, and you are delivering the gift of hope to many who possibly have none.  If there is an acquaintance, or a neighbor, who has possibly sprained their ankle, or broken their leg, do something, quietly, without asking, if there is a need.  Arrange for the grass to be cut, or water the flowers in the front yard, or come just to sit for a visit, and bring something tasty, and sweet.

      “There are things that you can do every day that will make a difference.  Even if you are only able to do it once a year, think.  If you continue this for a lifetime, it is possible for you to touch maybe thirty, forty individuals.  But, once you do a deed of kindness, once you reach-out and fill this lack with a plentiful gift, the individual you touch with kindness is more inclined to do the same.  So, from your one gift of kindness, many could be touched, as your gift turns to two, and three, and four.  Do not believe that what you do on a personal level does not count, does not make the mark.  It does. 

      “Today, set a course to do something, in a personal way, for another human being, and you will feel, within you, your spiritual body, flexing its muscles, and growing stronger.  You will find courage growing, and you will find the strength to do more, and you will find the means to do more. 

      “Let us begin, anew, to take God’s love to the personal level of what you can do for another, without seeking compensation, or reward.  Today, begin to think about: how you can clothe the naked, and give food to the hungry, and drink to the thirsty, comfort the homeless and the sick; how you can visit those who are isolated; how you can do anything you see that needs doing, and do it for the glory of God.  And the glory of God will shine about you, and touch all around you, and the light of Heaven will be seen through that which you do.”