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July 28, 2020


      All throughout the day, the week, the months, all the years of your lifetime, upon Earth, you make choices, from the options available to you.  Consider the quiet options, that are always there: the door, slightly ajar; the window, open enough for the curtains to move in the breeze; the path, dimly lit, beckoning you, in stillness.  There is always an option to choose the quiet way, the way of tranquility.  Open the door and walk through.  Lift the window higher, and let The Wind embrace you.  Take the path, which seems to be just for you.  These are signs, messages, bringing you an opportunity to choose a more contemplative way of living.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I call to you, from within, especially when you are in turmoil, or frustrated, or just do not know what to do.  If you will stand still, you will feel My Presence within you.  And as soon as you acknowledge My Presence within you, you will begin to know what to do, so that turmoil falls from you.  When there is an issue, choose the quiet way.  Avoid the chaos, and confusion, and you will be in peace.


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