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July 28, 2021


      Be mindful of what you are creating, as you sit in dread, of that which is to come, because, as you sit in dread, of that, which is to come, you are also creating, and interacting, with other energies, fear, worry, anxiety.  These accompany dread.  And many more can be involved, can be invited to your table.  And your table becomes long, and feeds many.  These energies, that you are feeding, are creating an environment for that which is to come.  And when it comes, if you have been sitting in dread, it will hold the energies of all that was created for its environment, and its atmosphere.  Change your perspective, ever so slightly, knowing that I AM with you, and that you have been given gifts of The Holy Spirit, which provide you with courage, and strength, and wisdom, to see, to know, and to do, with regard to anything that comes to do.  When you sit in dread, you are denying the gifts that I have given you.  When you sit in dread, you are denying that I AM with you.  Change your perspective, and see it, from another view.  See it in a way that you know I AM with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not give the energy of dread one minute of your time.  If you do, other energies will encircle you.  And you will be fearful, and afraid, and worried, and anxious.  All of these go into the stew, that dread is cooking for you.  Do not eat of it.  Cast these energies from you, because you have been given the gifts to face anything that comes to you.  So, remember who you are, a child of God.  Remember, God is with you.  Remember, I AM within you, to be your Counselor, to guide you through times, when that which comes to you, is with you, when you must decide, what to do.  And in that time of decision, remember, bring the decision to Me.  I will show you The Way.  I will guide thee, along The Way.  When dread is tempting to inundate you, rise-up, reach-out, and take The Hand of God, and you will just follow through.  Be at peace in this knowing.  Do not dread.  Awaken to the power, that is within you, that is of God, because, with God, within you, with Me, as your Counselor, there is nothing to dread.