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July 29, 2020


      Once you embrace the truth that love is the answer to all conflict, then your life changes, for the better.  If someone has been unkind to you, or hurtful, in any way, do not retaliate.  Do not seek to get revenge.  Do not hold a grudge.  Holding a grudge, about something that has happened in the past, is as if you are carrying a heavy anvil around with you all day, and into the night.  Even in rest you cannot set the anvil aside, and come morning, and dawn breaks, you rise-up, and carry the heavy weight, into the new day.  The same goes for anger, and hatred.  The only answer to conflict is love.  No matter what another is saying, or doing, there is another option for you.  It is love.  It might take a day or two, for you to get used to love being your response, to all that happens around you, but once it settles in place, and you begin to operate from the spirit of love, within you, your perspective of everything changes.  Slowly, but surely, everything, around you, softens, is less mean-spirited, people are kinder, because the energy of love is more powerful than anger, or hatred.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Try, just for one day, to let your response, to anything that happens, be love.  Anger meeting anger makes everything worse.  But when you stand in stillness, and when you are quiet, things begin to calm down.  When your response is love it is an announcement of impending peace.  It can be easy to forget that love is the answer to everything, so do not just say it, do not just write it, live it, so that you might experience love, in every situation.  When love is created within you, and flows from you, it begins to change everything about you.  Be the bringer of love to every situation, every encounter, and every relationship, and you will change the course of the world around you, because once it is created love does not die.  It moves-out, and touches others.  It lives, like you, forever.