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July 29, 2021



      Let all beings of Earth be still, and quiet, for you are crying-out, for help, you are calling, and praying, for assistance, and guidance.  But, in the calling-out, and the crying, you cannot hear, the answers that come to you, from within you.  Let all beings of Earth be still, and quiet, and you will hear, and you will know, and The Way will be made clear for you, as you go.  Do not fret.  Do not worry.  Do not run.  Do not hurry.  Walk, at a steady pace.  Look around, and see the beauty, and feel My Grace with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I AM the fulfillment of the promise, made thousands of years ago, to a few.  And in the fulfillment, of that promise, to a few, I now reside within each of you.  The Wisdom of Heaven is yours for the asking.  Knock on the door.  Do not turn away.  Knock on the door, and it will be opened.  Ask, and you shall receive The Wisdom of Heaven.  And The Wisdom of Heaven will answer every need you have.  Be still, be quiet, and receive.