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July 3, 2019



      You are upon the Earth at the present time; and, your Earth body was created in such a way that you would know the great beauty of Earth, in a most personal and sacred way.  You can see, you can hear, you can touch, you can breathe-in the aroma, you have feelings.  These things allow you to know Earth, to see the beauty, to hear the beauty, to touch the beauty, to feel the emotions of knowing such things; and, if by chance one of these senses is diminished, or not present, the other senses are magnified, so that your Earth experience is glorified.  It all works together, so your time on Earth is the best it can be.  Use that which you have been given to know the beauty of Earth!

                                                                 And The Holy Spirit says:

      God has created the Earth, and she responds to God’s creation, by bringing forth all the beauty that is held within her; and, you see it every day.  Look and see!  Celebrate that which the Earth has given unto thee!