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July 3, 2020



      I wish to tell you a story of a journey, and the journey begins in the middle of a country, a big country.  The country has an ocean at the East and the West, and they are mighty oceans.  But the child, growing-up in the middle of the country, only knows the ocean because of pictures, and stories, and books of learning, until one day, the child makes the journey to one of the oceans.  And, upon arriving, the child walks up and over the dunes, and stands high looking-out, and, as far as this child can see, is a magnificent body of water ebbing, and flowing, and moving, and growing, and splashing upon the sand. And the child sees all of the people running into the water, as the water embraces them, and they ride the waves back to the sandy beach.  It is with awe and wonder that the child sees the ocean first-hand, personally, and begins to run with such joy that all on the beach stop and watch as the child, who did not know the ocean personally, jumps into the waves, and is carried-out, and then delivered back onto the beach.  In seeing such joy, and fulfilment, all along the beach jump with joy, as well, dance with joy, as well, celebrating that the child, who did not know the ocean, now knows the ocean.  This is your story too, My child.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are many who read about God, who hear stories about God, who think, and ponder, about the existence of God, when God is close at hand, on either side, and up, and down, and around, and within.  But when the journey begins, the child makes the decision to go and know God, not from books, not from stories, not from movies, but personally, the journey always ends sweetly.  Dance and celebrate when the child, who did not know the ocean, makes the journey, and then knows the ocean.  Dance and celebrate with the child, who did not know God, but made the journey, and now knows God, personally.


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