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July 3, 2021



      My Love for you is constant.  It is there, permanently.  I do not have to create Love, and more Love, so that you might feel My Love.  I do not pull My Love away.  The truth is, I AM Love.  There is no increasing, or decreasing, that which I AM.  I AM Love.  Therefore, when you are drawing nearer to Me, you feel My Love surround thee, because you are living within My Love.  The farther you walk away from Me, the more you turn your head from Me, the less you feel My Love for thee, because you are not near to Me.  All you need do, to feel My sacred, eternal Love for you, is to draw nearer, to that, which I AM.  I AM Love.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The oceans and seas are large bodies of water, and some live close to the oceans and seas, and frolic in the oceans and seas, and take their lives, that which feeds them, from the sea.  And as they do these things, as they eat of the fish, of the seaweeds, and as they play and frolic in the oceans and seas, they live, in the oceans and seas.  But there are many, who live far away from the oceans and seas.  They know of the oceans and seas, but they do not draw their lives from the sea, they do not frolic and play in the sea, but maybe occasionally.  They know more of the seas and the oceans, because of the books they have read, and that which they have been told.  But the closer you get to the oceans and seas, you draw your life, and you go play and frolic.  Distance is the key.  If you want to live, if you want to frolic, within the oceans and seas, you must be there.