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July 30, 2019



      It is possible to read about the best results, certain procedures; you can listen to others argue about what would be the best results, the best procedures; but, until you are living it, and seeing it unfold, you do not recognize the best results, the best procedures.  Let example lead The Way!  It is possible to show good results, and never say a word.  Let your actions speak for you!

                                                            And The Holy Spirit says:

      A very great debate, well thought-out theories and ideas, hurled back and forth in the arena of discourse, will not accomplish the goal.  Sometimes it leads people, who are listening to the exchange, to be even more confused, not knowing which side is right, which side might be wrong.  To “know something,” you must live it!  Live what you believe is the best life you can live upon Earth.  And the best life you can live upon Earth is one that is brought-forth in the light, and for the glory of God!  Be humble, be meek, be loving, be the word of God in action upon the Earth!