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July 30, 2020


      Heaven is near to you.  Heaven is with you.  Now, in the present, it is so.  Say it, all through the day, until you begin to feel it.  And when you begin to feel it, remove the word “Heaven,” and say, “God,” because as Heaven is near to you, in the present time, now, today, so too am I.  I AM with you.  I AM near to you.  We are one.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you read words that are uplifting, it is easy to read them.  It is fairly easy to understand them, in your own way.  But today, God is asking you to live in the present, knowing that God, and Heaven, as one, are with you, are near to you.  And because this is so, you can hear God, you can feel the presence of God.  It is so.  God is with you.  Repeat it.  Say it over, and over, until it slips into your being, and you know it, because it is true.