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July 31, 2020



      Those thoughts, you entertain within your head, are communication, and it is important for you to know with whom you are communicating, before you establish a relationship with the spirit of doubt, or the spirit of anger.  It is time to clean house.  Open the door and show the spirit of doubt out.  Clear away the debris in the aisles and send anger away.  Remove worry, fear, and anxiety from your being before they find a comfortable place and occupy all your attention.  Prepare your inner chamber to be ready for company, heavenly company, and then send out the invitations to welcome the spirits of love, and light, and peace.  Be sure to invite the spirits of understanding, compassion, generosity, and kindness.  You have the power to cast from you that which is not good for you.  There is no need to harbor shadowy or dark energies within your sacred self.  Invite Me into every relationship, every communication, and each will be blessed with The Wisdom of Heaven.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Once you have taken inventory, and cleaned your inner hallways, and chamber, of all debris, invite God to the center.  Establish a relationship with God, and let it be the most important relationship.  Draw nearer to God by communicating with God.  When you find you are beginning a conversation with fear, or doubt, or anger, or jealousy, ask God to join that conversation, and soon the spirits of these shadowy energies will flee, because God is there, standing with thee.  Shadow, and darkness, cannot abide in The Light of God.  Take your place there, because that is your place, standing in The Light of God.