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July 4, 2019




      It is important to follow that which is written upon your heart, to follow The Holy Spirit from within; for, this is the path to completing and fulfilling your destiny upon the Earth; and, when you are doing so, you are experiencing the ultimate freedom that comes with living upon the Earth, doing that which you are meant to do.  When you are doing so, be sure to permit, to allow, those around you the same freedom to follow their heart: to listen to The Holy Spirit of God within them, to follow the path, to complete their destiny, too.  This is freedom in its ultimate form, being able to do that which you are meant to do!                                                                                             

                                                             And The Holy Spirit says:

      When you live in The Kingdom of God, you begin to know the ways of God; and, the ways of God show, clearly, that each thread, creating the tapestry, is just as important as the other.  It does not matter whether they are in the upper-corner, or the center, or the bottom.  Each thread is required to complete the tapestry.   Today, take some time to be still, to visit your heart, to speak with The Spirit of God within you, so that you might utilize the freedom God has given you, the freewill God has given you to follow The Way, to complete your destiny upon the Earth, and return Home!