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July 4, 2020



      Most battles, for most individuals, are not waged on a battlefield, with bullets flying, and tanks rolling.  Most battles take place within.  You can prepare for almost any trial, or challenge, you might face, especially when it comes to preparing with your body, getting it into shape.  You can run, and jump, and lift, and push, until your body seems to respond to anything you ask of it.  But with this strong body, when you see an individual trapped in a situation from which they cannot escape on their own, (with this strong body) are you willing, do you find the courage and strength, from within, to run into a desperate situation, and be a helping hand?  Even with your body in great shape, if you see someone drowning in a river, do you find the strength and courage within to jump into the water, and begin swimming toward the drowning person, dragging them to shore?  What I AM trying to say to you, My sons and daughters, is that you can appear to be ready, on the surface, but the true test, the true battlefield, is within.  Standing in the place where you make the difference, can you find the strength and the courage to go where you need to go, and to say what you need to say, and to live within the light, the courage, the strength that is within you?  You can only do this when you have prepared that which is within you to the degree: that you have prepared your body; that you work and exercise your faith, your commitment; that you work and you exercise The Gifts of The Holy Spirit that are within you.  A strong body will respond to what you tell it to do, but when you are weak inside, it is possible to lack the courage, and the inner strength, and the faith, and confidence, to do what you have the opportunity to do.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you take the time, every day, to sit in prayer, and when you make this a practice, you begin to feel the result of exercising your connections with God.  It is vital, to your inner strength, to stretch, to grow, to connect with God, every day, at certain times.  Develop a regimen, develop a practice, for this is where you will find your true strength and courage.  Those who might appear weak on the surface often are capable of performing great deeds of service.  Those who appear weak on the surface often respond, and from their inner strength, and courage, and faith, they are able to lift the car, open the door, and stand a savior for those who need more than they can do, at that moment, on their own.  Prayer, practice, and grow in strength.