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July 4, 2021



      I hear you, because I AM, with you.  Heaven is with you.  If it were not so, I could not hear you, I could not know your heart.  This mystery can be easily explained.  You are held within All That Is.  The Earth is shielded with a veil.  You cannot see, you cannot understand, until you believe.  And when you believe, it will lead you to know.  The words are around you, but they have not been completely revealed.  I can always hear you, because Heaven is, within you.  It is with you.  It is all around you.  When you cannot hear Me, that means you have turned from Me, but it does not mean that I cannot hear you, because I do. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When your family lives in a home, a house with many rooms: you can hear each other from room to room; you can hear movement; you can hear laughter; you can hear tears, by the tone of the voice, by the sniffle, by the gasping; you can hear your name called; and, you can answer, and go from one room to another.  In The Kingdom of God there are so many rooms, there are so many homes, there are so many places.  Yet, they are under one roof.  And for those, who are listening, they can hear, the sweet words, the kind words, the songs, the poems, and even understand what is going on in every room.  Though many rooms, it is one dwelling, one place, one Kingdom of God.