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July 4, 2021



      “I AM with you.  And this is cause for celebration.  This is cause for song, and dance: that you are never alone; that I AM with you, during happy times, and trying times.  And if you will rest in that truth, then all things will be fine, because you will be living the divine life, you will be fulfillment of, being in the world, but not of the world.  I AM with you.    

“The reason that it can often feel like you are so detached, so far away from God, is because you do not understand that Heaven is near to you, Heaven is with you.

      “When a family lives in one house, many rooms, under one roof, it is possible for the family to be together often, most of the time.  And these gatherings can be around a dining table: where they are sharing the things of their day; where they are talking about their hopes, and dreams; where they are thanking God, for the food, they are eating.  Or, it can be around a table, where a game is being played, and there is much laughter, and cheering, and sometimes booing; but all in the name of the game, and the fun that is shared, by the family, living in the house, under one roof.  But, when there is disruption, one member of that family can walk away, and slam the door to the room, (in which) they are intending to stay.  And they cut themselves off, until it is time to return.  They open their door, and come back to the table, or come back to the game.  There can be times of great turbulence, when a member of the family might go out the front door, and leave the house, and not return, for quite a while.  But still, that door is always open, and there is great celebration, when the disgruntled member of the family returns, and it is all together again, the joy, the laughter, the prayers.

      “It is the same with what is happening now.  Heaven is with you.  Earth is a room.  And there are many other rooms.  But the closer you come to uniting, with the family, under that roof, in The Kingdom of God, that is with you, the closer you will come to peace, and joy, and happiness, because you will be with your family.  God is The Eternal Parent, and you are a member of that family.  So, if you have chosen to close your door, and stay in your room, think about coming back to the table, coming back to the game, coming back to the love, and the desire to be with each other.  And even if you have left the abode totally, come back.  All you have to do is to walk through the door, no questions asked.  It is that simple.  Heaven is with you.  Do not act as if it is some place, far away, separate from you.  It is with you, and it is now.  And I AM with you, and I AM now.  You are in the world, but you are not of the world.  You are of The Kingdom of God.”