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July 5, 2019



      Do not turn your head: from those who are rejected by society; from those who are sick and pushed-out, because of fear; from those who live in poverty and are pushed-out, because they do not fit; from those who are made disfigured who are pushed-out, because they are not pleasant to look upon.  Do not let fear, and the ways of the world, keep you from reaching-out to those (in need) as a hand, as My hand.  Reach-out, as My hand!  Look upon the rejected with My eyes.  Hear their cries with My ears.  It is My will for you to perform the deeds that I would do for those less fortunate, for those less fortunate are with you, to show you The Way!

                                                                 And The Holy Spirit says:

      When your brother, Jesus, walked upon the Earth: He went where He was directed to go by God; He spoke the words He was directed to speak by God; He touched those who were in need, because God instructed Him to do so.  Do not be afraid to act as you are led to act.  Do not fear chastisement from the world of man.  Be eager to be the hands of God!