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July 5, 2020



      Know the importance of peace.  Establish peace within yourself, especially when there is chaos and confusion rumbling around you.  Resist the temptation to be contentious, argumentative.  Resist the temptation to fight with another with words, because when there is anger and hatred, chaos and confusion, even though the words, coming from you, might be remarkable words, they are not heard, the way you intend them to be heard: because of the chaos and confusion; because of the anger and frustration.  When you are in the midst of turmoil and upheaval withdraw.  Find a place where you can walk, alone.  Find a place where the wisdom of nature will fill you with answers, answers you will not receive by reading books, going to lectures, watching films, or having discussions with friends or family, or arguments with those you consider your enemy, at that time.  Often, the answers you receive from friends will support your position, enforce your position, confirm your position, but do little to resolve the situation.  You do not find peace by standing firm in your position.  You find peace when the minds meet, from a Source of Love, and resolution comes in quiet.  You will not receive good answers, all the time, from family, supporting you, encouraging you, sometimes to continue all that they have taught you; these, again, will often support your position, even though your position might be in question.  You will certainly not find the answers when you enter into an angry exchange with another, or others.  This just adds to the chaos and confusion.  Where do you find the wisdom to resolve the issues?  I will tell you.  I have sent The Counselor to you.  The Holy Spirit is within you.  No matter what question you have, it will be resolved; but you must take yourself away to a quiet place, so that you are not distracted by what is happening around you.  And there, on that path, amongst the trees, listening to the songs of the birds, listening to the call of the breeze, you will begin to know.  The answer will come, and it will not be an answer filled with retaliation.  It will be a heavenly answer to resolve the situation.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Oftentimes, the answer to a situation is simple.  The complexity comes: when ego enters, and you want the answer that you want; when you reject the answer that is not what you want.  Accept the answer, as it is, and go forward.