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July 5, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I cross all barriers of time, and come to you to enfold you in My love for you, to whisper to you that you are loved, that you are precious, that you are a treasure to behold, and I behold you as such.  I applaud your courage and strength, as you walk your mission, as you take your journey over the Earth.  But as you continue your journey, always remember, you are never alone.  I AM with you.



      “Sometimes, an energy moves over the Earth, and you never quite know where it will settle, where it will give birth to ideas or other creations.  This energy just flows.  Sometimes, the energy is chaotic and confusing, tumultuous.  These are the times I wish to address this morning, as I come to you, urging you, encouraging you to not get caught-up in chaos and confusion.  Do not be distracted, so that you use your energy turning in circles, running in circles, accomplishing nothing, or very little.

       “Answers are found in quiet.  When there are important issues at stake, you very rarely will find the answer, that is just right for the situation, in heated debates, because heated debates tend to point the finger, or direct the blame, loud voices insisting that the shame might fall on this one or that one, that one group or another has caused all the problems, which ignited the fire, which is burning in the chaos and confusion.  It never seems to come out, as intended, when answers are sought in debate.  And the same thing applies to commands and demands, to rules and regulations, because you cannot regulate, or make a law, demanding that another person have love in their heart, before speaking.  This is what is needed when there is chaos and confusion.  In chaos, and confusion, you find a healthy dose of ego, and a lot of judgment.  Very few are capable of just seeing, watching, knowing what is happening, observing it, but not judging it. 

       “The Holy Spirit of God is with you.  In times of turbulence and turmoil, The Spirit of God calls to you, beckoning you to get away, to move, out of the confusion, into a place of solitude and quiet.  Find your sanctuary, a place where you can be still and listen.  Be still is important.  Even in a litany of prayers and petition, it is difficult to hear the answer coming through.  Remember, God knows what is on your heart.  It is not necessary to repeat it, just listen, and receive the answer as given.  Do not permit yourself to be distracted to the point that you grow in anger, as the chaos and confusion grows in power and strength.  Do not give-in to hatred.  That which is torn asunder, in a minute of anger, could be gone forever.  Be slow, be still, be mindful.

          “Look around and watch the faces.  Listen to the words and follow only the words that are of peace and love.  Do not join-in to the mobs, and the angry voices, calling-out, pointing blame, building the fire, giving more life to the flame with every breath coming out.  Let the breath that comes out of you be The Breath of The Holy Spirit of God.

          “Seek the place.  Listen.  Be still, and you will be the peace that is necessary in a world of chaos and confusion.  Hold the light, so in the darkness others might know, might see.  Be the peace in the chaos, so others might know, and find peace.  Be still and listen, for God is speaking.”