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July 5, 2021


      When you begin feel yourself slipping into the doldrums, or being anxious, or worried, or afraid, or lonely, stop, and call forth your thoughts, and say, within your being, “What can I do for someone else today?”  And listen.  You might be guided to make a phone call.  You might be guided to go see someone.  You might be guided to send flowers, or bake a cake, or a loaf of bread.  You might be guided to smile toward someone, instead of turning your head.  And as you perform these deeds of love, and charity, and kindness, those feelings, that were leading you into shadow and darkness, float away, because you have filled your day with love, and that is how it will end.  The day will end with recalling, and recounting, gifts of love.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The best way, to counter feelings of darkness and shadow, even loneliness, included within that, is to do something for another person.  Perform an act of kindness.  Be gentle.  When you weave the fibers of this day together, in this way, you are delivering The Love of God, all along The Way you travel.  And these acts of kindness, and these thoughts of kindness, and these words, of love actually push away, from you, all temptations to grief, and sorrow, to sadness, to dismay.  This is how you are to spend your day, in this loving, gentle, and kind way.


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