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July 6, 2021



      Each day has its own pace, its own rhythm.  Some days feel like they just began before they are over.  And some are long, often tedious.  Each day is a present piece of your eternal lifetime.  It is not as important to assign a specific time of day, as it is to embrace the fact that it is the present piece of your eternal life.  When you accept this truth, regardless of what time it is during that day, you are living part of eternity.  You are stringing together these places, and incidents, and people, and they are part of your eternal life.  The thoughts you have, the words you say, the deeds you do, it does not matter what time of day you think, and say, and do them.  The most important thing is, you are creating, for your eternal life.  So, what are you thinking, saying, and doing?  Wake up, and know, you have your days upon the Earth to grow a magnificent portion of your eternal lifetime.  The portion you spend upon the Earth is a piece of your eternal lifetime.  Take each day, and make it important, for that reason.  You are creating what makes up your eternal lifetime.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Acknowledge, and embrace, that creation did not happen, and then stop.  Creation continues today.  It continues through you, in all you think, and do, and say.  Do not isolate yourself, thinking that what you do this day must be done at one o’clock, or four o’clock, or six o’clock.  What you do this day should be in honor of your eternal life.  It is unfolding within you.  You are creating your present piece of eternity.  So, if you have a task, most assuredly, complete your task.  But bless your task.  Be kind to people all along The Way.  What you are doing holds importance, in the ways of the world, but you can take it to a divine level, by enlightening all you do, with The Wisdom of Heaven.  Live each day as if you know you are creating.  Through you, creation continues, and all that you think, and do, and say, is vital in this way.