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July 7, 2020



      The owner of a large piece of property decided to put this land to good use, so he announced, to all in his small community, that he was going to prepare a garden, and this garden would be able to feed the community.  Those who needed cabbage could come find the cabbage.  And those who needed potatoes could come find the potatoes.  And the community was very happy, and excited.  The landowner, knowing the special gifts of each of the people in town, decided to use their offer of help.  And so, he found the one who he thought could go find a special cord, a string, some stakes.  He sent him out to get these things to mark-off the garden.  And then he found another, whose talents he thought would help him perfectly, in seeking the right seedlings and plants.  And he gave him some money and sent him to the store to purchase these things.  And still another came, and he thought, you are strong and healthy, go down to the area and begin pulling all the stones, rolling them away from that area, which I showed to you, so that the earth will be prepared, so it might be turned easily.  Then he found still another, and said, go and find hoes, and rakes, anything you believe will help turn the earth and clear it further of the smaller stones.  And so, he sent one after another out to get certain things.  And he picked those that he sent out carefully.  He picked those who would have the special talents to know how to bring back exactly the right thing, without question.  And so, they did.  And as they came back, the plot was clearly marked, the stones were pulled from the land, the implements, that were brought back by the one sent to get hoes, and shovels, and rakes, (they) were used to start turning the earth.  And some raked, and some turned, until the earth was smooth, turned, so rich you could smell the earth.  And it was good.  And then they set about planting, sowing seeds.  And then the rain came, so gently falling that it did not disturb a seedling, did not move a seed.  And a few months passed, and the garden grew, and there was a special crew that came in to pull the weeds, so that they would not use the nutrient(s) of the soil, so that the plants, intended to feed the community, would grow, be strong, and healthy, and produce fruits.  And come the harvest, they all joined-in, harvested that which the garden had provided, and shared it amongst themselves at a great feast.  And there was enough yet for all of them to take home.  My sons and daughters, this is story of you, of Me, of a Great Garden, of those of you sent out to assist in the Garden, and the planting, and the clearing, and the tending, and the harvesting so that all might eat as one.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You have been endowed with special gifts.  You call them Gifts of The Holy Spirit.  And these Gifts, that you have been given, they bear Fruit, and this Fruit assists you in living upon Earth.  You have also been given special Talents, and these Talents assist you, as well.  But when you use The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, The Fruits of The Holy Spirit, and The Talent, that you have been given, you become whole.  You do that which you are meant to do.  Treasure that which you have been given.  Do not waste your time, wishing you had The Gifts of another, for your Gifts are uniquely designed for your mission, not another mission.  Do not try to tell another that their Gifts are not as good as yours, that your Gifts are better, more pleasing, can do more, accomplish more, for this is not true.  The Gifts, The Fruits, The Talents, specifically assigned, and designed, for each of you, allows you to do that which you are meant to do.  Just as in the garden: you cannot turn the soil with a string; you cannot plant the seedlings, and seeds, on rocky ground.  Each individual is required to do their part, so that you might have a bountiful harvest.  And the harvest serves the one, the whole.  Do not listen to those who tell you, your Gifts are not good enough.  Do not tell others, their Gifts should be like yours: or, you will end up with a community filled with people, holding strings, and stakes; or, you will end up with a community of people, holding hoes, and rakes.  But then, the garden is lost.  The food, that is meant to feed all, will never be produced.  Celebrate your Gifts.  Celebrate The Fruits that grow from The Gifts.  Celebrate your Talents.  And while you are celebrating your Gifts, celebrate The Gifts for others, so they are encouraged to use that which they have brought to Earth, for The Glory of God.  For, The Glory of God is The Glory of One.