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July 7, 2021



      I wish for you to know the power of your thoughts.  If you are held within the thoughts of anger, frustration, or sadness, that is what you are creating, and you reside in anger, frustration, or sadness; and you can see it, in your face.  If your thoughts are of peace, and love, then that is what you are creating, and you live within peace and love.  I wish for you to know the power of your words.  For if your words are of meanness, coldness, or hatred, then these words are released, out into the world, as they continue.  You cannot take your words back.  They have come from you; therefore, you are living in meanness, coldness, and hatred.  Be mindful of the power, of the words you say, when you speak words of love, and peace, and kindness, because those words go out into the world, as well.  You cannot take them back.  They bless the world, as they flow.  You either curse the world, or bless the world, with your thoughts, your words, and your deeds, and you live in what you create.  So be mindful of these things you are creating.  I wish for you to know the power of your deeds.  Whether they are course, and hard, and mean, or loving, kind, and generous, they touch those around you, and those far from you, with the energy of their creation.  And as they come from you, you live in the energy, too.  I wish for you to know the power of creation, held within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You have a new day.  Watch what you think, and do, and say.  Be mindful of the power of creation, within you.  Do not lock yourself behind a door of sadness, sorrow, anger, or bitterness.  Throw open the door with an explosion of thoughts of love, and light, and peace.  Do not spew the seeds of anger and hatred, but plant your garden with seeds of tender compassion, and understanding.  And let your deeds follow your thoughts, and words of good.  You do not have to reside in darkness and shadow.  Create light, and that is where you will abide.  Know the power, you have been given, to create.