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July 8, 2019



      Do not be distracted, from the present piece of eternity, which you call today.  Pay attention to the present, stay in the present; and, as you are living in the present: go where you are led to go, say that which you are led to say, and address that which comes to you each day; for it is in this way, that you are led, one step at a time, into completing your mission.  There is no need to go seeking, there is no need to go asking others if they know what your mission might be; for, the mission you are meant to do ~ will unfold ~ as you take care of the present piece of eternity that is with you!  Be led, be guided, and address that which comes to you every day!

                                                               And The Holy Spirit says:

      Even though it sounds too easy, the way to find and complete your mission is by ~ staying in the present ~ piece of eternity.  Reside in the present, and that which is meant to be with you will come to you; and, as you are residing in that present piece of eternity, addressing that which comes to you, you will be doing exactly what you are meant to do!