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July 8, 2020



    When you seek answers to questions, be the issues great or small, bring your questions to Me, and I will sit with thee, and speak, and together we will find the answers, which are perfect for you, and they will be true, and the answers will be pure and filled with wisdom.  For, if you come, bringing questions, and you are feeling afraid, I will not feed the fear within you so that it grows.  My answers will bring you peace and cast the fear from you.  When you come seeking answers, holding anger on your heart, I will not feed the anger within you.  The answer will be of peace and love and we will cast the anger from you.  No matter what you seek, as an answer, I will not feed sadness, or sorrow, or shame, or guilt, or frustration, or any of these things that fill you with anxiety.  No, My child, The Wisdom of Heaven, once you receive it, and embrace it, will free you, and these things will be cast from you, so that you are no longer burdened by shadow or darkness.  Bring your question to Me, sit, and let us talk.  I will speak the answer, and it will flow into you as water to quench your thirsty spirit.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When issues take over, and situations occur, which must be resolved, it is often tempting to seek counsel from those around you.  And if you seek counsel, from those around you, who are filled with anger, or frustration, fear, doubt, worry, concern, whatever these things might be burdening them, their answers, coming back to you, have a bit of these experiences held within them.  But, if you take your questions, and seek answers, within you, you will find that I do not seek to feed the anger, or frustration, or loneliness, or sadness.  I will cast it from you with My answers created within love, and light, and peace, holding The Wisdom of Heaven.  Decisions made in fear hold fear within the decision.  Decisions made in anger hold anger within the decision.  And, on it goes, inserting different words, but still holding the same meaning.  When you make a decision let your decision hold Wisdom.