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July 8, 2021


      Do not expect others to think the way you think, to do that which you do, to believe that which you believe.  Rather than be concerned about what others are thinking, or doing, or believing, turn inward, and grow the light, within yourself.  If each one will tend you own garden, the garden within you, the garden of light, then there would no cause to fuss or fight, with other people; each of you would be so busy, tending your own inner garden.  And then, when it was time for harvest, you would feed all those around you, with The Light of God you grew, within you.  The Holy Spirit was sent to be within each of you, to guide you, to show you The Way.  Pay attention to your guidance, today.  And honor, and respect, the guidance others are receiving, as well.  Tend the garden that is yours, so come the harvest time My Light will be so bright, within you, that you can feed many, from The Garden of Light you have grown.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The world will be a kinder, gentler, place, when you go inward, and tend the place, that is yours, to tend.  Water your inner garden.  Pull the weeds from your inner garden.  Let it grow up, in The Light of God.  Do this, and you will be too interested in your Spiritual Garden, to argue, and fight, with others, about what they think, or do, or believe.  This is The Way peace will come upon the Earth, from the gardens, grown within, which will feed those of Earth, from The Light of God.