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July 9, 2020



      You and I have an agreement.  I wrote the words, the living words, upon your heart, and spirit, and soul, when you began.  And as you were sent forth, to make the journey to Earth, I reminded you of the worth, of the living words, you held within you, and whispered, as you departed, remember the words within you.  But, as is so often the case, when you arrive upon Earth, and make your foray into the world created by man, the words get covered-up.  Other things seem to distract you and draw your attention from here to there.  It is as if someone has given you a valuable book, with directions, and you have put it at the bottom of a draw, and piled clothing and objects upon it, so soon it is at the very bottom, all covered-up, forgotten.  But that does not break our agreement.  The agreement is: that I AM always with you.  The agreement is: you shall not be lost.  The caveat is: to hear Me, to feel Me, to know Me, and to be at home, and safe, within Me, you must stay close to Me.  Today, go open the draw, and take everything out, and pick-up the book, the agreement, the living words, and hold it close to you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be aware, and be able, to separate the things that have eternal value from the things that have temporary value.  The love of another person is to be treasured over the gift of a bracelet.  The respect and admiration of another person is to be valued over a new car or a house.  Begin to pay attention to the words which are spoken to you.  Many times, My messages will be delivered by another person.  Pay attention to the world around you.  Many times, My words will be delivered in the song of a bird.  Pay attention.  Be vigilant.  Hold the agreement between you and God sacred, and I will whisper, and guide you, all the way Home.