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June 06, 2020



      I say this to each of you.  I AM present with you.  I open My arms to greet you, just as a parent on Earth gathers their children to them, first thing in the morning, that is how I wish to greet you.  I open My arms, and they stay that way, just as a parent stands on the steps, opening their arms, to greet the children who have come to visit from far away.  See Me this way.  It does not matter if you have been asleep over the night, or you have traveled far from Me, My arms wait for thee.  And I will draw you near to Me, and hold you tenderly, and whisper to you that you are precious to Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you allow yourself to look around and see what is happening near to thee, you will see reflections, or examples, of The Presence of God, The Love of God, The Light of God.  You will see it in a parent’s tender caress of their child.  You will see it as you drive by a house and notice someone, standing on the steps waving, as a car pulls away.  And you will see it in the rising sun, announcing the beginning of a new day.  Look around.  How will you see God, today?