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June 1, 2019

The new day is set before you, and you have all you need to
move through the day with confidence.  There will be many
experiences within this day: the birth of a child, the passing
of a loved one; loss of a job, promotion to a new level; injury
or sickness, rehabilitation or recovery.  No matter what your
experience might be this day, I have already given you the
gifts of: love, compassion, understanding, strength, courage,
charity, kindness, faith, hope, trust.  You hold all these gifts
within you and many more.  This day will be a day worthy
of celebration, no matter what comes your way, when you
use the gifts you carry within, as you make your way through
this new day.

And The Holy Spirit says:

God gave to you a treasure chest before you made the
journey to Earth.  This gift was especially created for you
to use to complete your journey upon Earth with confidence.
You carry this treasure within your soul and spirit.  Open
the chest, and behold the gifts from God.