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June 1, 2020


      There will be times when, as the day begins, you are met quickly with thoughts of shadow, seems that they are tapping at the door, trying to get in.  So, My child, let Me tell you what to do, and where to begin, because when these things occur, you have forgotten My Power is within you.  So, declare it.  If it is doubt, knocking on the door, trying to invade your sacred space, acknowledge it, and make a declaration.  “Be gone from me.  The Confidence of God is within me.”  Maybe it is sadness.  There is a response for sadness, but one could be, “Be gone from me.  The Glory of God is within me.”  And, what if it is anger?  There is also a response for anger, “Be gone from me.  The Love of God is within me.”  You must use The Power that I have given you, as My child, to make a declaration to meet whatever shadow threatens thee.  I have given you all you need, but you must use it.  Do not declare yourself helpless and invite them to come farther through the threshold.  Make a declaration of Power, and Light, and Peace, and Love.  Rise-up.  Your time upon the Earth is limited.  Fill your time with My Light because I have given it to you to use.  Today, meet all that threatens you with shadow by declaring My Light within you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When times approach, when times come near, when times are upon you, which bring you to a place of sadness, or hopelessness, or restlessness, or a feeling that you are all alone, or that you cannot do something God has asked you to do, then it is very clear, if you are in those times and have those feelings, that you need to step into The Power of God that is within you.  It might surprise you to know that nothing will come to you that you cannot overcome because I AM within you.  Accept who you are and rise to the occasion.  Today, make a declaration, and let it stand, because your declaration of The Glory of God is at hand in turning away all shadow and darkness.