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June 1, 2021



      Do not allow, your preconceived notions, those things you think you want, or those things you believe you should do, stop the truth from flowing through you.  Open your heart, and your spirit, and your soul, as arms, wide open, waiting, to welcome, one you see coming, even far away.  And when it arrives, embrace it, for it is the truth, and it will take your preconceived notions, and the things you thought you should do, and melt them away, so that Divine Guidance sparks a flame, within you.  For that, which you are meant to do, shall be done, when you open your arms, and face the rising sun.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       God will never ask you to do, that which you are not meant to do.  Do not confuse, the support and encouragement, that comes to you, from God, wrapped within direction and guidance, as something that is difficult, or challenging, or trying.  It only makes it difficult, challenging, or trying, if you resist, if you try to maintain the lessons of the ways of the world, as you are following The Guidance of God.  Let the ways of the world fall from you.  Take The Hand of God, which is leading you, and walk, held within the destiny that is yours.  Your destiny is not something you are seeking, that is ahead of you.  You carry it, always, within you.  Therefore, the guidance, and direction, and instruction, will come from within you, as well, as you, and your destiny, go forth.