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June 10, 2019

      Go into this day in peace, remembering who you are.  Before you
step-out into the world, take a deep breath, and fill your lungs
with the oxygen of Earth.  As you breathe-in deeply, see your
inner-being filled with the presence of The Holy Spirit, The
Holy Spirit I sent unto you.  The breath and The Holy Spirit
are both life!  Your breath will sustain you, until your time on
Earth is finished; but The Holy Spirit will be with you forever, It is
eternal life!  Go forth today, and be aware of your physical life
through breath, and your spiritual life through The Holy Spirit!

                               And The Holy Spirit says:

      Come, I AM with you.  I will fill you with wisdom to see The Way
clearly today, to understand that you have the opportunity to be the
bringer of peace, all throughout the day.  Acknowledge your breath,
acknowledge My presence, and take shelter and comfort under My wings,
as I lift-you-up to see all things through, the eyes of love!