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June 10, 2020



      Everything that comes to you is yours to do.  You have all you need to face that which comes to you and master it.  Make a choice and continue along your path.  You have been endowed with many gifts.  You carry within you the spiritual gifts, especially designed to meet every challenge and obstacle you will ever face, as you make your way over the Earth.  There is a gift for every obstacle.  There is light for every darkness.  There is an answer that is good and pure for every shadow.  I have given you the gifts.  Do not hide them under a basket.  Do not bury them in a field.  Do not ignore them, because to do so will limit all that you are capable of doing, as you walk upon the Earth.  Today: embrace the challenges, as opportunities; embrace your gifts, as valuable tools to meet the opportunities.  It is all set before you.  Do not ignore that which comes to you that is yours to do.  Meet the obstacles of Earth with the gifts of Heaven.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       As you live upon the Earth, it can happen that, days of challenges and obstacles seem to overwhelm and overcome you.  It is at those times when you will come to know all that is within you.  Do not run from the challenge.  Do not hide from the obstacles.  Rise-up and with faith go within.  Go to the chamber, and there you will find The Wisdom of God, the chamber within you, which holds the answers to all the questions.  Use the gifts you have been given to meet the obstacles of every day.  Master what comes to you, rise-up and walk along The Way.  As you walk you will show your brothers and sisters how to live without anger, or frustration, or guilt, or greed, or envy.  You will be the example of how to meet the issues of Earth with the answers from Heaven.