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June 12, 2020


      Whenever you go out into the forest and the fields, walk along the rivers and streams, stand upon the mountain peaks, or set your course upon the oceans or seas, you see, and feel, the majesty of creation, of everything around you that I created.  But when you stand next to a towering tree there will be the temptation to feel small, to feel little, possibly even insignificant in the presence of such giants.  Do not let this feeling overwhelm you, or takeover within you, for you are as a tree standing in a forest with all of your brother and sister trees.  You are as the fishes in the streams, and the rivers, and the oceans with all of your brother and sister fishes.  You stand upon the mountain and feel its power.  You are not insignificant, for they look at you, as you walk amongst them, and they say, “Look, here comes a child of God.”  Begin interacting with My creations like you know them.  Talk to the mountains, and tell the mountains how amazing they are, how they have lifted themselves up, from the ocean floor up into the sky.  Tell the oceans and seas how vast they are.  Tell the forest and each tree how precious they are.  Acknowledge creation and bless it, as you are My child.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It can be a difficult task, when you are walking upon the city streets, below towering buildings of stone, and concrete, bricks, and mortar, to feel connected with Earth.  It can be done, but it is more challenging than it is when you are sitting beneath a tree.  It can be difficult to connect with God, The Creator of All Things, when you are walking upon the streets of a city, beneath towering buildings.  It can be done, but it is not done with the ease, and confidence, and beauty that it is done when you are sitting under a tree, with your hand in the grass.  God’s creation is waiting for you, and it will herald your presence, as you walk through.  Make some time to go to the forest and fields, to walk along the rivers and streams, to climb the mountains, and set your course upon the seas.