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June 13, 2020


      There is a comfort associated with: following a recipe; having a pattern; using a template; holding a key to unlock a door; having a map to follow, so that you might arrive at the right place.  But, what if your dreams, and your visions, and the answers to your prayers are leading you to more?  There will come a day when these dreams, and visions, and answers to your prayers, are calling upon you to make the template, to create the pattern, to have a key unknown before.  What if your dreams, and your visions, and answers to your prayers, are leading you to a door, which has never been opened, or asking you to draw the map to show The Way.  It is in these times that you are called to rise-up and leave the comfort of that which has been, to move boldly into a place which is meant for you to see what others have not yet seen.  Therefore, someday you might be called to be the creator of the recipe, or the template, or the pattern, or the key, or the map.  Pay attention to your dreams, and your visions, and the answers to your prayers.  Be courageous and bold in following them through, making sure that the guiding Voice, coming from within you, is My Spirit leading you toward your destiny, the place that is meant just for you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Your time upon the Earth will be one day, and another, and another, and they all string together to create your week, or your month, or your year.  And sometimes, within the creation of a week, and a month, and a year, you will hear direction coming from dreams, or visions, or answers to your prayers that lead you slightly out of your comfort zone into a place of promise, into a place which will fulfill that desire within you to find your destiny, to make your way, to follow through.  And in these times, you will hear My Voice prompting you, because in these times you will be showing The Way.


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