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June 14, 2020



      You have forgotten the peace of Home, The Dimension of Perfection, from which you traveled, to experience Earth, for a while.  You have an example of eternal life, that you see often around you, in nature.  The sun rises and sets, the moon rises and sets, and so it continues, in a circle.  The seasons come and go, bringing a taste of something different in the air to permit the flow; and seasons come, and seasons go, in a circle.  Take some time, away from clocks, and radios, and televisions, and loud voices saying do this, and do that, and walk amongst the trees.  Walk next to a river, and watch it flow. And as you watch it flow, you will begin to hear its song, as it moves through the banks, going forward, for it also moves in a circle: water flowing into the seas; going back up into the clouds; and then, falling back to Earth, as a blessing, a circle, a flow of water upon the Earth.  This gives you an idea so you might begin to remember eternity.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       An entire day can be altered: when you feel hurried, and rushed, and pushed; or, when you feel conflict; or, when you feel supported, in what you are doing.  There are many things that can influence, or impact, your day.  If you can manage to push these distraction away, you will begin to experience the day, as it unfolds for you, bringing you gifts, guiding you to that which you are meant to do.

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