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June 15, 2020



      When something goes wrong with your vehicle, and a flat tire, or an engine issue, leaves you stranded on the roadside, you call for help, and help arrives, to fix the tire, or check the engine.  When something goes wrong with an appliance in your home, or even with a utility problem in your home, you call for help, and help comes, and the appliance is fixed, along with the utility issue.  When you are sad, and feeling lonely, you call for help, and a friend talks to you, and shares their love for you, and all seems better. When you have something wonderful occur in your life, you call to share this good news, as well.  Call Me.  Call Me to fix the problems, to address the issues with you, for I will give you guidance, which will lead you directly to The Light, guidance which will not negatively impact the issue, or matter, or individual, but will show you The Way.  I will hold your hand, when you feel lonely, and I will dance with you, when all is well.  Talk to Me, for in our communication you will grow spiritually, and you will know what to do, as you walk along The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, when you reach-out for help, the response, the reaction, to your call, might not be what you should do.  When you reach-out to a friend, and they commiserate with you, this really does not do anything to resolve the matter.  It makes the matter seem even bigger, even more complicated.  Before you call for help, call for The Help, The Guidance, The Direction.  Call God, and God will tell you exactly what to say, and exactly what to do.  Direction is at your disposal.  It is within you.  Call Home, and God will answer the phone.