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June 17, 2020



      It is important for you to remember that: you do not merely walk into My creation; you do not casually wander through My creation; you do not just look at My creation.  Saying these things, believing these things, is good.  But today, I ask you to go one step further.  Begin to know that you are My creation.  There is no need for you to walk into it.  You are My creation.  Look at all that is around you.  And, as you touch the trees, and look at the beauty of the trees, and are amazed at the flight of the butterfly and the birds, the song of the streams and the rivers, the mighty oceans and towering mountains, speak to them as your “co-inhabiters” of all creation.  When you speak, pay attention to the words you say, so that your words do not hold you in a place, slightly aside of My creation, because, My child, you are all that you see.  You are in it.  You are of it.  You are of Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It can be an interesting adventure, when you set your goal to be of creation, all of it.  You are a part of it.  You are not simply observing it, touching it.  When you breathe, you are breathing the breath of God.  When you exhale, you are exhaling the breath of life, as it was breathed into you, you held it for a while, and then released it.  This breathing is a circle of life.  It is as simple as The Word of God, and in the beginning, there was The Word of God, and you were held, and continue to be held, within The Word of God, “Live.” And you live.  Ponder this circle of life, which includes you, not as a visitor, not as a watcher, but as a part of All That Is.