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June 18, 2019



      When your response to hatred and anger, no matter how minimal
it might be, is anger and hatred, then you are magnifying, adding-to,
and multiplying, the anger and the hatred.  If your response to anger
and hatred is standing, with an inner-stillness, focusing on love, then
the anger and the hatred stops there, at your doorway.  Refuse to add-
to, multiply, or magnify anger or hatred, in any way.  The most pow-
erful action that can be taken, in the face of these energies,
is standing in the position of love!

                                    And The Holy Spirit says:

      Whenever you set a course to act in the light of God’s love, no
matter what comes to you, then be prepared to practice this action.
Do not be devastated, or judge yourself harshly, if you do not succeed
at the first try.  This type of action requires practice; but, as you practice
you are doing; and, as you are doing it will be done.  Face anger and
hatred with love, and you will stop it right there.