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June 18, 2021



      Do not be quick to surrender that which is precious to you, that which you know to be true, to the spirit of doubt, or confusion, or ridicule.  Hold close, your treasure, as you watch the unfolding of a new day.  When it is time for change, The Holy Spirit, will gradually lead you into all truth, as you are able to bear it, as you are ready to know.  Until that time be slow to relinquish, that which you know.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I was sent to you to lead you into all truths, those revelations you are prepared to hear, and see, and know.  And that which I reveal will not bring upon you surges of doubt, nor storms of regret.  When it is time for you to know, and see, I will tell you so.  When there is question, ask of Me, and I will give to thee, that which are ready to hear, to see, to know.