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June 19, 2020



      Today, I encourage you, to go just a bit farther, take another step forward, stretch, move, turn, and twist, engage.  Do this and you will feel healthier, you will be happier, you will be stronger, you will have more energy, and laughter will come quickly, because you will be conditioning.  I AM not addressing your physical health.  I AM suggesting you do this to increase your spiritual health and endurance.  Think on that.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Every day you will drive passed, or walk by, (or perhaps yourself will be engaged) people doing exercise, of all types.  They will be running.  They will be jogging.  They will be walking.  You might see people going into doors, which lead the way to a building, filled with those riding bicycles, stationary bicycles, swimming.  (You, yourself, might be engaged.)  It is true that, when you stretch your body, when you work out, when you walk just a bit farther than you did the day before, you are building strength and endurance.  When you are engaging in such physical activity, do not forget that the same applies to your spirit.  Your spirit does not grow, your spiritual life does not maintain a richness, and a quality, without exercise and practice.  Today, exercise your spiritual body.  Stretch it a bit farther.  See how deeply you are moved when you are in the state of prayer, speaking with God.  Exercise today.