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June 19, 2021



      Remember, My creation continues.  You are, a living part of, My creation.  Look at the flowers, and the trees.  Watch the birds, and the butterflies.  Notice the caterpillars, and the insects.  They are My creation.  My creation continues: over deserts, and oceans; over hillsides, and mountains; over prairies, and wetlands.  My creation is alive, and living, brilliantly.  My creation is you.  Always remember, you are My creation, living, for a while, upon the Earth, and when it is time, I will call you Home, where you will continue, living, brilliantly, for all eternity.  You are My creation.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       God’s creation moves, and flows, and sparkles, with the golden flecks of eternity.  Do not miss the wonder of creation, by holding, so tightly, to material objects, and things.  Release the mundane, and embrace, The Divine.