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June 2, 2019

My Love is always with you.  The only time you might not feel My
Love for you is when you turn your back, or push away, or deny
it, in any way; and then, it is still there, waiting just for you.  All
you have to do is to open the door, or clear away all the debris
you have piled in the passageway.  Once you have cleared away
doubt, worry, concern, grief, guilt, denial My Love will be flowing
freely to you again, because you have broken down the dam

And The Holy Spirit says:

There is no time I will not guide you.  The only reason you
cannot feel My guidance within you is because of the walls
of doubt, and worry, and concern, of guilt, and greed, and
grief.  You are a child of God worthy of God’s Love, and worthy
of My guidance; therefore, go within and destroy the dam
which you have built, knowing all along that you are worthy
of God’s Love, and you are worthy of My guidance.  You
will immediately feel My presence within you, because you
have restored The Light.