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June 2, 2019

         “I AM with you.  I bring you greetings from The Dimension of Perfection, from your Eternal Home, from Heaven.  I reach-out and say, come, do not forget who you are, remember who you are.  You are a child of God.  You are on a journey, walking upon the Earth.  It is a mission, a heavenly mission; and, once you remember this, then you will sing-out with joy, for you will also remember that: God loves you unconditionally; The Holy Spirit is with you to guide you; and, I AM but a whisper away to assure you, to comfort you.                     

          “Today, I wish to speak to those of you who feel lost, alone, frightened, rejected.  I wish to speak to those of you who are walking through a storm, which seems to have no end, or find yourself in a dark pit, which seems to have no out.  I wish to speak to those of you who find you are at the center of ridicule and mockery, of judgment and condemnation.  Hear Me, for I too was ridiculed, mocked, judged, and condemned.  I too walked through storms, and broke-down the walls of pits of despair.  I was there.  So, I give you guidance and direction this day, on how to lift-up your head, restore the spirit that is you, and fuel your body to keep going, one step at a time, until it is accomplished. 

          “Remember who you are.  You are a child of God, and God loves you unconditionally.  Wrap yourself in God’s Love.  Wrap yourself in The Power of God, and do not listen to those who hate you and berate you, and hurl sticks and stones, and laugh when you fall, or your heart is broken, or you no longer stand tall.  Walk in The Power of God, and you will light The Way, and you will show The Way.  Do not seek retaliation.  Do not seek vengeance.  Focus on The Love God has for you and take one step at a time.  The Holy Spirit will move around you as a mighty Wind, and in this sacred Wind you will find relief, sanctuary, a whirlwind sanctuary of guidance and direction.  The Wind will drown-out all voices of anger and aggression.  Ride upon The Wind, knowing you are loved unconditionally.  Listen to My words.  Feel My presence.  Focus on taking My hand and making your way through the challenge.  Do not be led astray by angry voices around you.  Do not be led astray by the situations which surround you.  Focus on The Love of God.  Focus on the guidance of The Holy Spirit with you.  Focus on My hand reaching out to hold your hand and walk with you.  Focus on My words, for I too have walked a path that was difficult, and challenging, and cluttered with obstacles.  I did so, so you could know it was possible for you to do it too.  I did not come upon the Earth as an invisible spirit.  I came upon the Earth in physical form to show you all you could do, all you can do, all you will do, if you drown-out the voices sent to distract you from your mission.  Your mission is good.  The Love flowing to you is eternal.  The guidance within you will not dim, it will get brighter and clearer every time you use it, and its purpose is fulfilled within you.  And, I will walk with you every step along The Way until victory is yours at the end of the day, at the end of your time upon Earth.  I AM with you.”