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June 20, 2020


      Sometimes, when within you, there is a disturbance, such as turmoil, or frustration, sadness, or despair, you can encounter an acquaintance, or a casual friend, you all exchange greetings, and they go on their way, never knowing that within you is a need for help, for a kind word, for a gentle touch.  But those with whom you have a more intimate relationship, family, spouses, children, your children, or dear friends, they will notice something is different, something is off.  They will pause, and sit a while, take your hand, and ask you how you have been.  Because they are closer to the situation, they notice what is happening within you.  I know you, beyond those you know intimately.  I know every thought, every desire, every longing.  There is no need to speak, or recite a litany, of those tender places, wounded places, hurts, or despair.  Just sit with Me, and I will wrap you in My loving care.  Just sit with Me and you will be blessed, and together there, we will heal the wounds within you quietly, tenderly, totally.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It might seem awkward at first, depending on how you have been taught to pray, to sit quietly, at certain times of the day, and just be in The Presence of God.  But once you slip comfortably into this practice, you will begin to feel The Presence of God with you.  And with this feeling comes comfort, and you relax.  And as you relax, you hear and know, because God will be speaking to you, and you will hear, because you are not speaking, or reciting your petition, but you are ready and open just to sit and listen.