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June 20, 2021



      When someone asks for assistance, for help, for you to listen, and hear them, be quick to give, what is asked of you: be it material objects, or things; be it money, or diamonds, or rings; be it your ear, so that you might hear, what they wish to say to you.  Give with great joy, that which is yours to give, and you will be at peace, in the giving.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Do not hold onto something that another person needs, or desires.  Give, and give to the capacity you have, to give.  Open your heart, and let love flow, with the giving.  Do not give in a stingy manner, because then you will have to deal with the spirits of regret, and frustration, and possibility even, anger, and retaliation, and revenge.  Give, with an open heart, so that the gift is enfolded in your love.  And, in that way, there will be love, in the giving.




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