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June 20, 2021



      “I AM with you.  And while it might be difficult to comprehend, that I AM with you, it is so.  I AM closer to you, than the person sitting next to you.  I AM not encumbered by the physical body.  I move, and I AM with you.  I reach out, and ask, that you take My hand.  Come, follow Me, and we will walk, together, into this day, and throughout the week.  Come, walk with Me.  Let us walk, and talk, together.


      “I would like to share the importance of giving, giving that which you are asked to give.  Now, the world, created by man, will not give you this advice.  The advice would be to keep, and to hold, close to you, what is valuable, to thee.  But, when you continue to gather, and amass, physical things, properties, money, any type of material object, your focus goes into keeping, to maintaining, to possessing, these objects.  That is where you heart is.  Free yourself of that worry, and concern.  Do not place that great a value on something that can burn, or be stolen, or tear, or be moved from one person, to another, in exchange for something else, which you must maintain, as you possess it.

      “When someone asks for your coat, be willing to give them your coat, and your sweater, and your shirt.  Give.  When someone asks you to sit with them awhile, and listen, then sit with them, awhile, and listen, without judgment.  This is giving of your time.  It is giving compassion and understanding.  When someone asks you to walk with them, or take a ride with them, go, without consideration of how far you must walk, or drive.  Go the distance, and farther.  This is giving.  This is giving of your energy.  This is giving hope.  This is giving your physical presence.  And do so, with love, because then you bless the giving, and your physical presence, with the spiritual gift of love.  You are giving your spirit, as well.

      “During the week, many of you will have the opportunity to give.  Do so, with an open heart.  Give with love, and give, willingly, and you shall be blessed, beyond that you can imagine.  You will be rich, in spirit.”