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June 21, 2020



      You have two fathers.  I AM your Spiritual Father.  I gave you eternal life.  You departed from Heaven, for a while, to walk upon the Earth, on a mission, especially designed for you.  And the father assigned to you, for this earthly mission, opened the door for you to experience Earth, to guide you in the material world.  I sent you with gifts.  In fact, you have been endowed with gifts to use.  Today, honor the fathers of Earth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are many Gifts of Spirit.  These spiritual gifts are meant to be your compass, your guide, your response to everything that comes to you, as you walk upon the Earth.  It is time to begin to use your spiritual gifts more than you use material gifts.  It is time for you to begin to understand eternal rather than material, in an extraordinary way.  It is important for you to remember that you have two fathers, your physical father, and your Spiritual Father.  You were born of Spirit first.  You will experience the physical for a while, and then you will return to your Eternal Father, for He has given you The Gift of Eternal Life.