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June 21, 2020



      “I AM with you.  You might not completely understand how this is so, but there is something you do understand.  When you are feeling defeated, and heavy, and low, it is difficult to feel anything else but the experience of that moment.  When you are feeling filled with life, and joy, and delight, it is difficult to feel anything other than what you are experiencing at that moment.  When you are happy, and filled with song, you rarely think about, and ponder upon, sadness.  And, when you are filled with sadness it can be a challenge to remember the times of laughter and song.  But there is something you can do, through all of your experience upon the Earth, and that is to stay open, listen, so that you can hear Me, feel Me, and know Me, on a spiritual level, because I will sit quietly with thee, when it is necessary, and I will dance with thee, when it is the experience of the moment.  I AM with you through it all, and I love you.                          


      “Today, many of you are celebrating a day set aside to honor fathers, and this is good.  And if you have lived to adulthood, maturing with each year of your life upon Earth, you will acknowledge that, through your life, you have experienced the guiding hand of father, father figure, even mentors, who step-in and take the place of a father for that time in your life when you need the guidance and experience they offer: fathers, champions, providers, caregivers.

       “My earthly father was named Joseph.  He taught Me a trade, talked to Me about making My way in the material world, taught Me a lot of things.  And I love him.  But it is important to remember that those of you upon Earth have two fathers, at least.  But let us address, for a while, your biological father, and your Spiritual Father.  While I was upon Earth, I can tell you now that, I was closer to My… or, to Our Heavenly Father than to My earthly father, because I knew Our Heavenly Father was with Me all the time.  My thoughts would go directly to Him, and He would fill Me with grace, and all that I needed to go out and do the work I was destined to do.  As much as you are loved by your earthly father, and as much as you might love your earthly father, your Heavenly Father knows you better, understands you better, and yes, I will say it, loves you more.  It is a love you do not comprehend, while you are upon the Earth, but is with the love of creation.  All that you are eternally is within you.  Your Eternal Father has given you eternal life.  Your earthly father, your biological father, has given you the temporary lifetime upon Earth, but it is fleeting, and over very quickly, and then you return Home.

       “While you are upon the Earth, it is important for you to listen, and learn from your father, from father figures, from mentors.  Listen to the experience they are willing to share with you, because it will serve you well, in the material world.  Appreciate, and be grateful for, whatever guidance they give to you, because they are sharing their knowledge of years spent in the material world.  But if you listen carefully, they might also say to you, things about your Eternal Parent.  God is your Eternal Father.  Listen for guidance and direction.  Pay attention to what your Spiritual Father is telling you, guiding you to do, encouraging you to do. 

      “Today, upon the Earth, in certain places upon the Earth, is a day of celebrating fathers, being thankful, being grateful, for what they do for you.  But it would be appropriate also today to celebrate your Eternal Father, The One who has given you eternal life, and all the gifts you need spiritually to make your way upon the Earth.  Therefore, let there be celebration of fathers, father figures, mentors, and Our Father in Heaven.  It is appropriate to say, Happy Father’s Day.”